Searching quotations

We have a massive 44039 quotes in our database and have made several ways of finding the best and most famous quotes in this fast amount. You can use the form on the right side to search, you can browse all authors or search by popular subjects. On this page we describe all the possibilities.

If you would just want to browse a bit then you can go to the Most popular quotes or see Random quotes.

The search form

The search form on the right is of course the quickest and easiest way of finding that particular quote. Your keyword is being searched in the quote, the author, the original foreign text (if available) and the source (if available).

You can also use logical operators link NOT, OR and AND. When you search for "Nietzsche NOT life" you will get all quotations of Nietzsche not containing the word Life.


Probably you have favorite authors and here it is easy to find famous quotes of them. On the Authors page we have grouped all authors on last name so it is easy to find that particular author. But you can also browse the Popular authors of famous authors with the most quotations.

We also have the profession, nationality and the years in which they lived of over a thousand authors. This provides a sometimes essential context to the quote but it also allows you to browse quotations from for example American politicians or English scientists. To see all categories and be able to browse quotes using this, go the Authors per category page.

A few popular authors


When you are looking for a specific quote on a subject it is best to just search for that subject. This can be done with the search form, but you can also see many popular subjects on the Subjects page. Also, at the bottom of each page is a tag cloud with recent used search terms.