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Online since 2000 we are one of the oldest quotes website on the internet with a massive 63456 quotes in our database.

We have made several ways to search and browse the tens of thousands quotes in our database. You can search by author, author category, subjects and a few more options. With the links on the top you can go to that subsection of this website or you can search yourself with the search form below:

What are quotations exactly?

Quotations or quotes are short statements from somebody's work, often a book, article or speach. A quote probabaly everybody know is "To be, or not to be..." by Shakespeare of course. Well, that's one and we have over thirty thousand more... That does provide a small problem in how to find that particular quote you are looking for.

We have made several options to help you with that but the best way of using this website is to just sit back, browse and enjoy all the quotes.

Am I allowed to use these quotes for my thesis or book?

Yes of course! To make that easier was one of the reason to start with this website. Mentioning you used this website will be appreciated.

Options with the quotes

At each quote you have several options:

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We have made a vote option so you can easily show you like a quote or not like it. You are only allowed one vote per quote. At the Popular quotes page you can browse the 100 quotes which have the most votes.

Place quotes in a basket.

This option is ideal for people who are looking for quotations for their thesis, book, diary or other project: you can place partical quotes in a basket and when you are finished have them send to you by email.

Send a quote by email

When you have a great quote you would like to send to yourself or somebody else you can send this quote quick and easily by email.

Twitter and Facebook

Quotations are by their very nature of both being quite short and interesting, perfect to post to your Facebook Wall or Twitter. You can now do that easily with the direct link provided.

Looking for quotes

The search form at the top is of course the quickest and easiest way of finding that particular quote. But we also made several lists so you can browse the quotes.


Probably you have favorite authors and here it is easy to find famous quotes of them. On the Authors page we have grouped all authors on last name so it is easy to find that particular author. But you can also browse the Popular authors.


You can see many popular subjects on the Subjects page. Also, at the bottom of each page is a tag cloud with recent used search terms.